Black Bear Golf Club Wedding Heather + Patrick


Heather and Patrick had a beautiful wedding at Black Bear Golf Club in Northern New Jersey. The two of them met in high school, however it wasn’t exactly love at first site. Patrick had asked Heather out multiple times before she finally said yes. The two actually never went on their first date until college! Patrick took Heather to a dine in movie theatre for their first date which was the perfect place to ease some of the nerves.

Patrick decided on a very intimate proposal on Heather’s birthday. As they were about to go for dinner Heather walked into a room filled with rose petals on the floor and Patrick holding their two fur babies, Tiger and Phoenix. Phoenix had a sign around his neck that said “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”

I did not meet Heather and Patrick until the big day. However, we got to speak on the phone and I could tell that the two of them really had a genuine partnership. Patrick was completely by Heather’s side throughout the entire wedding planning process. Which made for a beautiful day filled with details that were true to the both of them. Their day was perfect, filled with endless emotion, and probably some of the most exciting dancing I have seen yet!

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