Sayen House and Gardens Danielle + Alex


Danielle and Alex’s beautiful summer engagement took place at the lustrous Sayen House and Gardens! Danielle was envisioning an elegant garden feel and we certainly found the perfect location! We even had two gorgeous bouquets to add a soft and romantic pop of color throughout. Danielle had mentioned that they were gifted this adorable picnic set and we thought it would be just lovely for them to bring along! It made for the perfect ending to their engagement session. They were even able to share a glass of champagne together at the end!

Their Love Story

Alex and Danielle are high school sweethearts! They met through a mutual friend who had been dating Alex’s step brother. When Danielle dropped her friend off at Dunkin Donuts to meet with Alex’s brother she decided to go over and say hi. Alex had just so happened to be with him and they were both taken with one another at that exact moment. Later on she had been invited to their New Years Eve party where she had the opportunity to talk with Alex and the chemistry was instantaneous between them!

Their friendship is the base of their relationship. Which is why they decided it would be a best to take their romantic relationship slow. They started hanging out often and quickly became the best of friends, but it was obvious that there was more there than just a lasting friendship. As time went on Alex decided it was time to make things official and ask Danielle to be his girlfriend. He was so nervous and repeatedly asked Danielle “will you go to Wendy’s with me” before he could get out the words he had actually been longing to say…”will you be my girlfriend” and of course Danielle said yes!

Fast forward ten years later and they are still inseparable. Since their love story began on NYE Alex decided after being together for so many monumental moments of one another’s lives the best way to begin the New Year and celebrate their many years together would be to ask Danielle to spend the rest of her life with him. While they were on their way to grab dinner before a friends party Alex decided to make a special stop at the Eagle Rock Reservation. Danielle thought it was a little strange, but she just assumed he wanted to take a good look at the gorgeous skyline view. They walked around for a while both soaking in the new year and the amazing views. Then Alex got down on one knee and popped the question. They both could not stop smiling and Alex was incredibly nervous and Danielle says “he couldn’t stop laughing”

Danielle and Alex will be making their vows to one another and celebrating a life time of laughter and endless spontaneous slow dances in the kitchen at the beautiful Inn at Grace Winery during early May. We are so excited to celebrate with these two and be a part of their forever. Throughout the session it was so clear that they have built a relationship and bond that only years, life experiences, and true fate can bring. Danielle and Alex we could not be more excited for you both!

“You’re my satellite You’re riding with me tonight Passenger side, lighting the sky Always the first star that I find You’re my satellite” – Guster

Location: Sayen House and Gardens

Makeup: Ana Lapas

Hair: Mel Does My Hairr

Larger Lavender Bouquet : Bloomers

Smaller Pink Bouquet: Whole Foods

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