A Downtown Morristown Engagement Brianna + Sal

Brianna and Sal have this incredible classic air to them that I just adore! I knew that they both loved the area they grew up in and that they are two very family based individuals. It came to no surprise when Brianna requested that their engagement photos take place at the lovely and historic downtown Morristown, specifically in front of Jockey Hollow. We were blessed with a gorgeous slightly overcast day which is actually very ideal for this particular location! Later on they wanted to incorporate a piece of home so we were able to take a few pictures at Sal’s family home. Of course we had to take pictures with their beloved horse!


Knowing that Sal and Brianna are both family oriented it wasn’t surprising to hear that their family had something to do with this match making. Growing up their families were both good friends, Brianna’s father was even Sal’s dentist! Although Brianna’s dad always felt Sal would be a good match for his daughter he decided it would be best to keep it to himself until the perfect time came along. It wouldn’t be until the day Sal asked for Brianna’s hand in marriage that her dad would reveal this thought. The true beginning of Brianna and Sals story started with a bit of a modern touch when Brianna saw a picture posted online of Sal, which happened to be a post by his best man. Immediately Brianna was interested so naturally she reached out and not too long after that they went on their first date. A romantic evening spent ice skating together and the rest was history! Although Brianna admits to being nervous she said she immediately remembered a tea party she shared with Sal’s sister when she was younger, and something about this match just felt right. It was after that evening that they became inseparable and their love for each other began to grow into a lifelong commitment.

It was the winter of 2020 when Sal decided it was time to take their relationship to the next step. He had told Brianna that they would be meeting their friends in the city for dinner. As they made their way into the hotel room, so Brianna could get ready, she opened the door to a room filled with rose petals, roses, candlelight, and romantic music. Naturally she began to cry as she saw the words “will you marry me” written out with balloons over their bed. Sal had planned the perfect view as he took her hand and lead her to their private balcony overlooking the empire state building. As they took in this special and private moment together he got down on one knee and said the magic words…”Will you marry me?”

Having an epic view and luxurious scenery is something they both adore. They will be getting married during the month of their five year anniversary, this July at the gorgeous Natirar. Brianna says she is looking forward to luscious white florals and dancing the night away with Sal as they did the night of their engagement party. They will be married at their home church among all of their beloved family and friends.

When I asked Brianna to describe one of her favorite dates with Sal she said it was their first anniversary when they spent a romantic night in Capri. There was something extremely special about going home to Italy and visiting family together. Their adventurous and warm spirits will always find a way to keep family at the center and travel as their hearts desire.

“Amore mio per sempre”

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