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Nemours Estate Delaware Engagement

It’s absolutely unreal to think of all of the beautiful venues I have had the honor of photographing. It’s crazy to think of all of the stunning places I have yet to see. However, one place that continuously blows me out of the water is Nemours Estate. When Justina and Mina told me that they were tying the knot at Park Château, it only made sense to take their Nemours Estate Delaware engagement photos here. From the beautiful weather, to how radiating their love was to even their outfits, it was pure perfection.

Nemours Estate | Wilmington, Delaware

Nemours Estate is a 200-acre estate in Wilmington, Delaware. This gorgeous 77-room mansion absolutely takes your breath away the second you step foot on its luscious lawns. Nemours Estate is built to emulate the beauty and architecture of a French château. You’re not only greeted with the grand nature of this prestigious estate but with manicured lawns that will have you begging for their landscaper’s number.

Justina and Mina chose the Nemours Estate for their engagement photos for two reasons. One, because it is downright beautiful and speaks of elegance and class. Two, since they are tying the knot at the Park Château, it was only fitting to have their engagement photos taken at an equally beautiful venue such as Nemours Estate.

Nemours Estate Cost

If you’re like Justina and Mina and wish to have your engagement photos taken at the Nemours Estate, you will be need to purchase tickets. As of right now, the Nemours Estate sells tickets for $20/person.

You can purchase tickets to the Nemours Estate here.

Need To Know Information For Your Nemours Estate Engagement

If Nemours Estate is sounding more and more intriguing to you, here is some need-to-know information to put under your belt.

  • Pets are not allowed at Nemours Estate unless they are a certified service animal
  • You are not permitted to take photos inside the Nemours Estate
  • No use of large equipment, props, and costumes
  • Nemours Estate does not host weddings or receptions

Justina + Mina’s Nemours Estate Delaware Engagement Photos

Justina and Mina first met when they were younger at a church retreat, however, it wasn’t until they reconnected via Instagram that they then hit it off. It was from then that they stayed in touch, began dating, and well… here we are now.

For Justina and Mina’s engagement photos at Nemours Estate, we wanted to keep things classic, elegant, and timeless. Good thing that the Nemours Estate emulates all three of these characteristics so this was a piece of cake! Together, Justina and Mina absolutely killed their engagement photos at this gorgeous estate. We were able to wander throughout the property, soaking up the sun and celebrating their timeless and romantic love story.

We also need to take a minute to appreciate both Justina’s and Mina’s outfits. Dressing for your engagement session can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to achieve a certain look or feel. However, Justina and Mina are perfect examples of exactly what to wear to your engagement session. Justina wore this light blush pink dress with pink tulle while Mina kept his attire neutral and classic.

Throughout their engagement session at Nemours Estate, we made it a point to check out some of the iconic photo locations on the property. Some of those being the English Gates, the Sunken Gardens, and the Vista. Justina and Mina’s engagement session at Nemours Estate was a beautiful one and a top location for engagement photos for any couple looking for an elegant and timeless feel.

I can’t wait to witness Justina and Mina’s love story unfold once again at the Park Chateau this upcoming October!

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