Marian Coffin Gardens Mariah + Greg

Mariah and Greg’s engagement session was captured at the beautiful Marian Coffin Gardens! This location is one of Wilmington’s best kept secrets! It is hidden and tucked back, but once you enter you feel as though you have just stepped in to a magical garden! They both told us that they were somewhat nervous and don’t take pictures often, but they blew us away with how comfortable and confident they seemed in front of the camera! Greg knows just how to make Mariah light up and share her gorgeous smile with the world! They even brought some champagne to celebrate. Which brought even more excitement and fun to their session!

Their Love Story

Mariah and Greg’s paths first crossed in 2011 when Greg went to visit his old Chicago buddy in Los Angelos. While he was captaining a boat of a bunch of LAdies he met Mariah. However, this is not when their romance sparked. Instead it turned in to a relationship of aquantances intertwined by mutual friends.

In July of 2016 they had the opportunity to meet once again and this time sparks started to fly between them! Greg had recently moved to Phoenix which was the perfect set up for a self-invitation and spontaneous flight for a trip to LA several years after the two had initially met. Mariah and Greg, now in their late 20’s, were much more compatible than the previous time they had met and this time they even exchanged numbers.

Their flirtatious relationship intensified when Greg visited for a back to back weekend visit for the annual friendsgiving and guys trip. Finally after both attending a friends wedding on Memorial day weekend Greg decided to ask Mariah to go steady with him! Mariah says she recalls Greg “following her around like a puppy dog.” Greg quickly fell in love with Mariah and after an 18 month long distance relationship he made the amazing decision to officially move to LA!

Greg quickly realized Mariah was the one and a couple years after their relationship began he decided to pop the question. Greg asked Mariah to marry him in her grandmothers backyard. It is one of Mariahs favorite places because of all of the amazing childhood memories she has there. She said yes and she couldn’t stop laughing! Afterwards he surprised her with a huge get together with all of her extended family and friends in downtown Wilmington!

Mariah and Greg will be making their vows to one another at the Chase Center on the Riverfront on New Years Eve! Mariah says she never thought she would have a winter wedding because she loves bright summer pastels, but they loved the idea of celebrating their marriage and the New Year with their friends and family! We cannot wait to bring a touch of summer to their elegant and classic New Years Eve wedding this December!

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  1. Diane Thoma says:

    I kinda knew your story, but honestly I got goose bumps and cried reading this! What a romantic and beautiful love story! Your friendship grew into love! I couldn’t be happier for you both to have found each other! All because of Jill!
    These pictures capture you! The way you look at each other is not forced or posed! It’s just beautiful and honest! Congratulations and enjoy building a life together! 😘😘

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