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Ryan and Lorraine love the mountains so much so that they decided to travel to Asheville, North Carolina for their engagement session at The Biltmore Estate. They are both currently live in Georgia, but they knew that they had to incorporate the mountains in to not just their engagement, but their wedding as well. The Biltmore was the perfect place for them because it not only has stunning mountain views, but it also has gorgeous gardens which is another love they both share. The architecture of the Biltmore is absolutely breathtaking and is the perfect place for a dreamy summer engagement session! The weather was absolutely perfect except for a short rain shower. Lorraine and Ryan love the outdoors so neither one of them minded and it added a touch of romance with some tender kisses in the rain. Ryan and Lorraine will be making their vows at Chattooga Belle Farm in Long Creek, South Carolina on January 9, 2021.

Their Love Story

Ryan and Lorraine met a few times through mutual friends before they truly hit it off. The first time they actually began to interact and have an in depth conversation with one another was at Lorraine’s church during a young professionals meeting. Ryan was actually feeling quite ill that evening, but it didn’t stop these two from an evening of enjoying one another’s company. Lorraine sat down next to Ryan to talk with his friend Aaron whom she was also friends with, but the conversation continued long after Aaron had left. Ryan says “The entire evening felt very casual but there was an air of comfort in Lorraine’s words that I couldn’t shake.” Although neither of them felt sparks right away, they did know that they could potentially become close friends. So Ryan decided to reach out to Lorraine and the two began to engage in conversation. Although Lorraine didn’t think much of it at first, that was until she found out that Ryan had asked their mutual friend Jenna about Lorraine. This lead Lorraine to think that maybe Ryan was interested in more than just a friendship.

Their first date took place at a local Italian restaurant called Bella’s. However, neither one of them initially considered it a date, but looking back they both agree that there is no denying that it definitely was a date! Afterwards Ryan knew immediately that he had to see Lorraine again. He loved how charming and kind she was. She was easy to be around even when as he puts it “he was being his weird self” Lorraine made him feel comfortable. On their second date there was a bit of miscommunication and Lorraine invited two friends to come along, but Ryan quickly dropped some hints that this was supposed to be a date and the two continued on to have a nice evening together.

After dating for months Ryan and Lorraine started discussing their future. Lorraine told Ryan that she was ready to make a serious commitment and move forward with their relationship. Ryan felt the same way and after talking about marriage he “jokingly” bought a ring pop and proposed. Lorraine says she’s not much of a romantic so in her mind that was all she needed to commit! Although there was no “real” ring involved yet they began planning their future. Lorraine says, “I didn’t want to pressure him into any sort of public display, and I didn’t want him to buy a ring, so I was content with our arrangement. I knew I loved him and he was seriously about wanting to marry me.” What she didn’t know was that Ryan had already arranged to propose with his grandmothers ring. Before their planned trip to look for wedding venues they decided to take a hike with their friend Jenna. At the top of the hike Jenna suggested they take some pictures together. When Lorraine turned around to take the picture Ryan said he had a present for her and handed her a note. Ryan has a way of bringing Lorraine to tears with letters so she could barely see him kneeling as she began to sob. Although Lorraine knew it was coming she was overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness and says that she was genuinely surprised!

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Hair & Makeup: AnaRie

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  1. Marybeth Milton says:

    These are precious! Thank you for capturing so many great moments.

  2. Lorraine says:

    So happy for you Lorraine and can’t wait to meet Ryan…….. love Aunt Rain

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