East Stroudsburg Micro Wedding at Promise Ridge Allison + Justin

east stroudsburg micro wedding


Allison and Justin planned the perfect Micro wedding at the romantic Promise Ridge in East Stroudsburg, PA. Which was a change from their initial plans to have a large celebration in December. After waiting to make their promises to one another they decided nothing would get in the way and wanted to celebrate safely outside with their closest friends and family.

When I first spoke with Allison and Justin they expressed that the most important thing to them was family. Especially celebrating the beginning of not just their life together, but also the joining of Justin, Allison, and Justin’s children Wes and Lilly. Allison said “Fate and soulmates are definitely in our vocabulary to explain our relationship and we believe what is meant to be will be and here we are to prove it. We can’t wait to showcase that love through our wedding photos while we celebrate with our closest friends and family. ” One of my favorite ways that they incorporated their family in to the day was choosing to do a first look with both Wes and Lilly. Seeing their reactions was such a special and unforgettable experience. They also included Wes and Lilly in their first dance. The night ended with a perfect sunset on the mountains after their first dance and an evening spent with the ones they love and of course each other.


Allison and Justin met in October of 2014, but never truly interacted until the Spring of 2015. They both worked for the same company, which they still work for today! When Jason came on board Allison had already been working for the company for some time. Jason had asked Allison to share some insight with him for a project he was working on. Of course Allison agreed and gave him all the information he needed. However, she was a little taken back when Justin never reached back to say thank you! As you can imagine this didn’t put them off to a great start. It wasn’t till their companies annual conference in the spring that the two had connected once again. Allison immediately called Justin out on his “poor email etiquette” which Justin instantly regretted and referred to Allison as “the pretty blonde” among co-workers. However, there were no hard feelings and sarcasm became the foundation of a great friendship between Justin and Allison.

After they had been talking for a long while Justin decided it was time to ask Allison on a date. They both adore live music and lived far from one another so he thought it would be a wonderful idea to take Allison to a Maroon 5 concert! Although Justin says at the time Allison was “intimidating” he didn’t let that stop him from planning out the perfect day. They began their first date at a brewery and eventually found a hole in the wall pizza place. Pizza is known as Allison’s weakness so it was perfect! As soon as they entered the concert they ran into mutual friends who hadn’t known that Allison and Justin were talking which they shared a good laugh about!

Years later it was time for Justin to pop the big question! Allison was going to be starting her first day back with the company that they both had originally worked for so Justin planned a weekend getaway beforehand. They went to Fort Lauderdale and of course dined over delicious pizza, pasta included, and a bottle of wine before heading to a gondola ride through the canals. Of course Justin made sure they picked up a romantic bottle of champagne and near the end of the ride he decided to pop the question. The bottle of wine and champagne made for some amusing photos later on! Allison is known for being a big crier, but she was so worried about ruining her makeup that she managed to only tear up. Of course she said yes and was immediately flooded with anxiety thinking about how Justin managed to not drop the ring the entire time! The celebration continued that weekend as well as when they went home to share the amazing news with Lilly and Wesley!

To view their engagement session at Valley Forge Historic Park

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