A Classical Chic Summer Wedding at the Cairnwood Estate Rea + Scott


Rea and Scott’s confidence and individuality makes them a one of a kind pair that stands out in a crowd. If you’ve ever attended a wedding at The Cairnwood Estate then you know it’s a venue in a class of its own. Getting married at such a statement venue was the perfect match for Rea and Scott, but they had so many key details throughout the day that dressed the Cairnwood differently than you might have imagined it. Rea loves an incredible party, she’s a designer, and a vintage inspired modernist. Being all these things she was influenced to dress the epic staircase with a balloon installation dreamt up by Maple Street Modern Design. She chose a more simplistic bouquet highlighting her favorite flower, the orchid, she decided on stand out green Loeffler Randall shoes, and collaborated with Davids Bridal to create her dream Art Deco inspired wedding gown with a detachable skirt so she could change looks later on in the evening! But Scott wasn’t going to let her be unique all on her own! His evergreen suit was an absolutely incredible! He decided to intentionally skip a tie and chose Louis Vuitton loafers as his statement piece! Though I could go on and on about Rea and Scott’s style it is no match to their emotion filled wedding day.

Their first look took place at the bottom of the staircase at the Cairnwood. Scott was gushing with excitement as the suspense built. When he turned around he had the biggest smile on his face and they both exchanged tears. They could not wait to get to their ceremony and even though it was pouring the skies cleared up just in time for their portraits later on. When I think back to Rea and Scott’s wedding the first word that comes to mind is just pure joy. I don’t think these two ever stopped smiling. And while weddings are always a happy and joyful occasion there can be some tension along the way, but not for these two. I knew after capturing their engagement on what was supposed to be their wedding day last year, that no matter what was thrown their way joy was their top priority. It was truly such a touching day.

Since the Cairnwood is filled with history and rich rooms that tell an individual story the layout can be quite different than most. Eating, dancing, and entrances all take place in unique and separate locations but this did not hinder anyone from finding their way to the dance floor! The floor was packed all night long just the way Rea and Scott had dreamt about. They had a live musician that they had previously met while attending a friends wedding, and they told him immediately that they would be contacting him once they got engaged! Having a live musician paired with their DJ truly elevated the party experience and brought so much excitement to the evening!

You can also view Rea and Scott’s wedding on the Davids Bridal Blog!


Venue: The Cairnwood Estate | Hair: Mane Bridal | Makeup: Isabella Lucia | Bridal Boutique: Davids Bridal | Florals + Balloons: Maple Street Modern Design | Catering: Karens Catering

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