NYC Engagement Photos in Central Park | Angela + David

A pure moment is learning that your couples wish to return back to a special place that holds sentimental value to them. For Angela and David, heading back to Central Park for their engagement photos was the perfect setting to celebrate their engagement. On a gorgeous Fall day, we took the most breathtaking NYC engagement photos in Central Park. Frankly, I’m still trying to recuperate here.

Angela + David’s Love Story

It’s important to know a little bit about Angela and David, to gain a better understanding as to why New York City, more specifically Central Park holds so much value. Angela and David met back in 2010 during their first week of freshman chemistry. Their connection only grew stronger and stronger over the years, they learned and developed very similar passions. Such as playing board games and traveling the world. Even studying abroad in Metz, France together during college.

It wasn’t if Angela was the one, it was more about when to ask her. After claiming it to be a late birthday celebration, David concocted the most perfect plan. In the Central Park Conservatory, David got down on his knee and asked Angela to marry him. With a profound “yes”, Angela agreed. David invited their closest friends from all over the states to celebrate with them and kick off the start of their wedding planning celebration.

NYC Engagement Photos in Central Park With Angela + David

For Angela and David, New York City is one of their favorite places to frequently travel together to. Walking the streets of the city going to their most beloved Broadway shows to trying out all of the dessert places. Admiring the beauty of this beloved city is one of the many joys that Angela and David share together. Surprisingly, Angela was the first one to introduce David to NYC and now it’s their favorite place. Making it inevitable that this be the place where we take their NYC engagement photos.

Engagement Photos at Central Park Pond & Bethesda Fountain

Most importantly, throughout their entire NYC engagement, we wanted to make sure to keep things light and romantic. One of the many wonders of Central Park is how grand the space is. Leading it to be the perfect oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. Wandering throughout Central Park, we were able to admire the Central Park Pond, the Bethesda Fountain, and the infamous Grand Staircase. Since we were good on timing, we even were to do a quick outfit change into more casual attire.

Urban Engagement Photos in New York City

From Central Park, we took to the nearby streets of New York City to get a more urban feel to their NYC engagement photos. Both Angela and David were filled with so much laughter and joy. It was apparent that surely just their company was all that they needed to have a good time. It was truly an experience to watch their love unfold in front of my lens and get to capture every glance, smile, and laugh throughout our time together in NYC. As a lover of NYC myself, it was a 10/10 engagement session that turned out just as beautifully as I pictured it would.

I can’t wait to continue celebrating with Angela and David on their wedding day this April at the Ashford Estate!

Central Park in New York City Engagement Photos

If you want a glimpse into another engagement session I have photographed in Central Park, check out Danielle and Will’s Central Park engagement!

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