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There is one thing that is certain when it comes to getting your engagement photos done. You should absolutely, 100% be completely in love with them. How do you do that? One is finding a photographer/style that you feel fits your vibe and style. Two is tying it all together by choosing an amazing location that speaks to you and your partner. After meeting while working for competing consulting firms, their love took off like a rocket. Both Hannah and Jared met right before the global pandemic, meaning a lot of time spent together and picnics outdoors. Philadelphia is their home and a place where a lot of memories they hold dearly are. That’s why having this Parque Ridley Creek engagement was the perfect opportunity for Hannah and Jared to not only have photos that they love but in a place that means a lot to them as well.

Parque Ridley Creek in Ridley Creek State Park

Parque Ridley Creek is a venue space that sits inside Ridley Creek State Park in Glen Mills, PA. While Parque Ridley Creek serves as the perfect Pennsylvania wedding venue, it also is beautiful for a more romantic garden-style engagement session. Parque Ridley Creek offers landscaped gardens, stone walls, ponds, patios, and manicured lawns that make you feel like a forest fairy. Towering cedar trees are the icing on top of the cake that provides you with enough shade and depth while still having the sun beam in through the trees.

On the grounds of the Parque Ridley Creek venue, you will also find an English Tudor stone mansion. For weddings, this venue serves as the perfect backdrop for your portraits. For your engagement session, you can enjoy the exterior beauty of this mansion and still get some stunning engagement photos. The historic grounds of Parque Ridley Creek make it an absolutely breathtaking engagement photo location and one of the many reasons why I recommend this spot for my couples.

Photography Permits For Ridley Creek State Park

Like many parks across Pennsylvania, you will need to purchase a permit to photograph there. For Parque Ridley Creek you do not need to purchase a permit for your engagement session. However, if you’re thinking about heading to Ridley Creek State Park for your wedding portraits, that’s a different story.

If you choose to tie the knot and get photos done at Ridley Creek State Park, you will be required to purchase a photography permit. An application form and fee will need to be sent in via phone at 610.892.3900 or email at

Hannah & Jared’s Parque Ridley Creek Engagement in Glen Mills, PA

It was important for Hannah and Jared to have their Parque Ridley Creek engagement embody the same overarching theme as their wedding. Their vision surrounded a classic, romantic, and elegant feel where we focused a lot on greenery and nature. Luckily, Parque Ridley Creek offers all of that and more, so fulfilling this idea would be a park in the park (literally).

Wearing a green flowy dress, Hannah and Jared stuck with more earthy tones for their first set of outfits. The grounds of Parque Ridley Creek transport us to a more romantic time period with stone walls, flowers, and greenery surrounding every turn. A second outfit change led to a more light and airy color palette, which incorporated more light blues and whites. Wandering the grounds of Parque Ridley Creek had us falling in love with all of the sunlight beaming in and the gorgeous manicured lawns around us.

Naturally, towards the end of their engagement session, we couldn’t end it without a celebratory champagne toast. Oftentimes, I will ask my couples beforehand if they wish to incorporate props into their engagement session. This could be items such as banners, signs, picnic baskets, blankets, sparklers, and champagne. It helps spice things up and of course, who doesn’t want to celebrate will a good bottle of bubbly? On a high note I sent off Hannah and Jared to run home and edit these images and trying to pick only the best of the best was HARD. What do you think?

Can’t wait to get these two married this August at Cairnwood Estate!

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