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Center City Downtown Philadelphia Engagement Photos

There are many beauties and wonders in the world. Sometimes the most spectacular memories lie right in front of you. Last February, Steven and Allison got engaged and for their engagement photos, they wanted it to reflect more about their relationship than just a pretty location. Having met on an online dating app, Philly was the birthplace of their love story. Making it only right to choose a location that embodied the start of it all. Their Downtown Philadelphia rooftop engagement photos gave us fantastic lighting and beautiful skyline views. The perfect recipe for some stunning Philly engagement photos if you ask me.

The Proposal Story

While on a vacation to the Keys, a fancy dinner was planned. They dressed up and decided to take photos of the gorgeous sunset behind them. Little did Allison know that this would be a life-changing moment for both of them. Caught on candid camera, Steven got down on one knee and proposed to Allison with his Grandma’s ring. In celebration of their engagement, they enjoyed a dinner with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne for dessert. Following that, they enjoyed a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas with their whole family to celebrate! Shortly after their cruise ended, it was wedding planning time.

Moments like these are so incredibly special and I love learning about my couples in this more intimate way. It helps me as a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer to be able to learn more about my couples, and best capture their story as authentically as possible.

Allison + Steven’s Downtown Philadelphia Rooftop Engagement Photos

Upon meeting Allison and Steven for the first time, I knew we were the perfect match. They expressed that they enjoyed the more light and airy type imagery as well as effortless candids. I took this into their engagement session to ensure that we represent their story as authentically as possible. Having the Philly skyline views was a big want for both Allison and Steven. Thankfully, Downtown Philadelphia has plenty of parking garages and rooftops to use at our disposal to achieve photos like this.

The sun was beaming down on us and the Downtown Philly skyline greeted us at every twist and turn. Allison wore a simple white a-line dress while Steven kept things simple with a blue suit that was the perfect pop of color. Throughout their entire session, it was evident how much love these two share. We embarked on this journey for these Downtown Philadelphia rooftop engagement photos and it came out better than I ever could have imagined.

How To Pick A Location For Your Engagement Photos

Each and every couple offers their own preferences when it comes to taking their engagement photos. However, trying to find a location can be a bit harder of a task than some may seem. Never underestimate how important location is in regards to taking your engagement photos. Next to outfits, your location can be a make-or-break moment IMO! Below are a few tips to help you pick a location for your engagement photos that will ensure that you’re celebrating this special time in your life the right way.

Choose A Meaningful Place To Your Story

If you’re having trouble deciding on a specific place for your engagement photos, I highly recommend leaning toward a location meaningful to your story. This could be a first date spot, where you got engaged, where you met, etc. It enhances your story that much more and gives you more memories to hold onto when looking back at your engagement photos.

Focus On The Time Of Day

The time in which you want to take your engagement photos plays a major role in finding the perfect engagement photo location. Lighting is everything when it comes to taking photos, so ideally you want to choose a location that offers great lighting. Ideally, if you want engagement photos taken where there is more shade, you may need to consider shooting earlier in the day. Say you want a beach-inspired engagement shoot, aim to shoot toward sunset. Mid-day light can be incredibly harsh and can wash colors/tones out. Making it not the most ideal lighting scenario for your engagement photos to be as true to you as possible.

All in all, don’t forget that the time of day can have a major impact on where you choose to have your engagement shoot.

Decide On A Season

Thanks to daylight savings and Mother Nature, seasons can also have a huge role in deciding where to take your engagement photos. Most likely you won’t want to take beach photos in the middle of Winter when it’s 20 degrees out. Or maybe that’s just me – lol. You ideally want to choose a location that reflects a season that you feel comfortable shooting in. You may also want to choose to have an ongoing theme for your engagement photos. If your wedding is in the Fall, you may opt to have your engagement photos share the same Fall aesthetic. Same thing with any of the other seasons. Daylight savings can also impact when you decide to shoot (cue in how important lighting is) and when!

Choosing a location for your engagement session may seem tricky, but it’s not impossible. It’s about being strategic and envisioning the outcome, however, know that you’re not alone. Morgan Taylor Artistry is there along the way to help you brainstorm engagement photo locations to ensure that you are looking and feeling beautiful during this time in your life.

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